Cosmic Warriors

  • If there is aMORT The Sniper II mysterious place, it is the outer space. This is an unfathomable place where humans are not been able to fully travel because of its infinite measurement and mystery. This is the reason why most of us are fascinated in outer space.atlantis-005-f
  • There are two another reasons why people are enjoying the topic of outer space environment. One is because of the curiosity it brings to many people. Second is the fact that it is amazingly wide and make people imagine its depth and width. Cosmic Warriors is a flash game that involves outer space adventure.league_of_legends_cosmic_warriors_by_aku_no_hana2-d7rwjex
  • If you want to know more, continue reading this content. The player will be at the outer space and must travel infinite distance.
    The mission is to eliminate UFO using your weapons while avoiding different asteroids. Make sure that you are precise in different aspects as well as accomplish all your missions. Cosmic Warriors is a great intergalactic game for certain space enthusiasts.hqdefault

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