Snail Bob 5

  • Snail Bob 5 is a fifth sequel of fun and exciting games! If this is your first time playing Snail Bob 5, you will definitely become addicted to it! Objective of the game is to lead your snail to the exit overcoming some obstacles.1058_1
  • Hobo 5: The Hilarious man!!Music in the background is so sweet and lively and the graphics are cartoonish and very cute. Controls are simple and you will get used to them very quickly. It should be quite easy to play because there are some guidelines through the game telling you what to do next.5-1
  • Sometimes you will have to clock the obstacle to remove it before your snail comes close to it.Navigation fun in Gyroball Sometimes your snail will have to hide in his house. On your way you will also collect stars by clicking them. Drawbridges and trapdoors will be there to slow you down. So be careful, read the instructions and try to complete all 75 levels!phwfhnxtdn3df

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