Space Freight!!

  • A new popular flash game is here, the Space Freight where your steering skill will be judge. The plot is about steering skill and getting freight to a platform in space. Have patience and show your skill in this game. Good luck!!v48n1freight-shuttle-rendering-lg
  • At the beginning of the game you will stage which carries the theme of space. Fun Shopping in Shopaholic: HollywoodThere will be various platform and you need to pass through the platforms. The path won’t be easy because you can fall down any time. The more paths you can pass, the score you will get.unnamed (1)
  • Bowman 2 Returns With New Awesome FeaturesYou will be given option in the starting of the game to customize the stages map by yourself. You can give name to the stages as well. There will be scope of upgrading your power. By getting score multiplier you can increase the score. The graphics quality and sound system of the game is good enough!unnamed

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