Submachine 3

Are you familiar with Submachine 3: The Loop? Do you know how this game works? If your answer is a no, it is ok because this article in dedicated for individuals who don’t have a clue about this flash game. This is a point and click game where you have to unlock the exit door by looking on clues in the area or place you are in. This may seem simple but once you have started the game Strike Force Heroes 2, the level of difficulty gets very complex so one needs to think before clicking.Level_3_map
There are things that you need to remember before starting the game Submachine 3: The Loop. First is you don’t have to look for items and collect them just to get the way towards unlocking the exit door. Second is the importance of the coordinate system which will help you locate clues in order to open the exit door. Last is you have to relax and be calm despite the metallic place you are in. Just enjoy this game and think before clicking.Level_2_map


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