Shopping Cart Hero 5

We will share to you the next version of Shopping Cart Hero, so you continue to explore and experience more difficulties in this game. The game gives players comfort, relieve stress after work, study hard. Yes the game takes patience, dexterity or adventure, dare confront, to overcome the obstacles.
What are you waiting for? Going Shopping Cart Hero 5 challenges and show your skills!
Shopping Cart Hero 5 game experience shopping cart to a whole new level. Place in a large Ski Resort, you are pushing your cart (equipped with ski attachments) to a large ski slope, jump in, then released in the air. Go as fast as you can; as high as you can; and perform stunts to get a high score.



The driver of the cart Hero 5 is the same as in the previous version, with a few additions:

Up arrow key or W – Jump
or the right arrow key D – Run
Left and right or A and D keys – cart control while in the air



Shopping Cart Hero 5 introduced a few new upgrades:

(Default / boot) Wooden Skis
Plastic Skis
Fiberglass skis
Metal skateboard
football helmets
Beanie Hat
Ski mask

You can still perform all the stunts that you like before, including:

Up-N-Out Flip
Forward flip
back flip
handstand Wheelie
Front Wheelie
back Wheelie
pole Vault

Settings / Options

This version has several new options available for players to adjust to their personal preferences.

switch music on / off
Convert audio on / off
switchable graphics quality: high / medium / low
optional full screen mode
Additional feature

Unlike in previous versions, in the Shopping Cart Hero 5, you can now share your score on FB to show off to all your friends.

Brand New Features

A new feature has been launched in the Shopping Cart Hero 5! Now you can race against other players online to earn more money for better upgrades. This feature must be unlocked by spending $ 1,500 in cash games – but the payments make it worth it!

First place receives $ 2,000 in play money.

Second place receives $ 1,000 in game money.

Third place receives $ 500 in money games, and so on.

There will be a lot of other interesting games that we have for you. Take a look at the other articles on our site.

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