Earn To Die 6

The game offers a great number of achievements which are listed below:

Demolition Man: This achievement can be unlocked by destroying all the obstacles on your way.
Zombie Bowling: To unlock this achievement, you need to kill zombies by crushing them against the car abandoned.
Clearly day: If you can include a certain distance without crashing into zombies and obstacles, you will earn Achievements clear day.
All upgrades and achievements can be unlocked up to level 3, which is the maximum allowed upgrades and achievements. To make the game simple, you can use the below mentioned tips and tricks:

Zombies are everywhere should put as much money as you can to upgrade Defensive installed on your vehicle.
Remember, the roads are flooded with zombies and obstacles so focused on Offensive upgrade as well.
Do not forget; The only means of his survival is your car, to keep it in mint condition by installing the upgraded car.
No matter if you’re playing alone or with your friends, but one thing is sure that you will enjoy playing the game Earn to Die 6 completely.


The controls are simple and keyboard based. You can control the car by pressing the right or left arrow key, the key is to speed up, and Down Key is braking. In addition to control, you also need to be aware of some important things about this game:

Fuel condition: clock says the amount of fuel available in your car; You can get additional fuel by running on fuel icon.
Bus Status: The clock shows the health of your vehicle, which depletes collisions with obstacles and zombies. Health Cars can be increased by collecting the wrench icon.
Status way: situation gap indicates the distance to be covered in order to qualify for the next level.
Get the complete game coins per level and you can also collect extra game coins during your run. The amount awarded depends Coins many factors such as survival time, distance, zombie killing, etc. These coins can be used to purchase upgrades for your vehicle, and some of the upgrades mentioned down here.

Car Upgrade: You can upgrade by installing vehicle engine cooling upgrades, Fuel Tank, Suspension, etc. These upgrades make the car more stable and able to sustain losses.
Upgrade Defensive: You can also purchase upgrades like armor defense, durability, and wide wheels, increasing the health of your car and make it strong enough to survive the zombie attacks and accents.
Upgrade Attack: Some cool upgrade attack offered by the game is heavy Bumper, Bumper Spike, circular saws, etc. which cause more damage on the zombies and also help crush small obstacles.
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Earn to Die 6 is an entertaining game from Search to Die Series, which is based on the Zombie Apocalypse. The game begins with a cut scene, where players are approached his car and saw hordes of zombies running towards him. The objective of the game is to survive as long as you can in a world full of zombies and the only hope of your existence is your car.

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