Fair Food Maker Game – Make Fair Foods and Play Free Carnival Games


Fair -Food- Maker -Game-1

Choose from tons of flavor, sweet and candy decorations. You can make the coolest snow cone?Funniest corndog? Best sandwich ice cream cake? Make them all!

To Midway is full the fair game too! The property you will what? Win and collect the prizes great!

• Mystery games-that is a surprise!
• Hotdog eating contest
• Belted-what will the future hold?
• Sammy Smack
• Bottle toss
• Pop Balloons with darts
• Frog Flip
• Fish Bowl toss
• Water Gun fun with clowns

Equitable sharing your food and your prize with your friends. If you like our games, please write a review!

Fair -Food- Maker -Game-2
ABOUT Sunstorm
Sunstorm is the pioneer of the popular series “production” and “Sunnyville” of the game. Founded in 2009, Sunstorm deliver creative and exciting experience for kids and parents to enjoy together.Sunstorm is a branch of TabTale, a global leading creators, creative games, interactive books and education applications.
The biggest and best games fair food Maker chef! Makes 14 delicious food fair and fair in 6 games in one download!

* NEW * just added! Fried Ice Cream Maker-create your very own Fried ice cream! We put new food mystery is there for you too. You’ve made a Donut Ice Cream Sandwich? Yum!

Access to Midway to get started-it’s easy and fun. Check out your favorite tasty treats!

• Mystery Maker! That’s a surprise!
• Fried ice cream maker
• Super Soda machines
• Cotton candy
• Chocolate covered bananas
• Snow cones
• Milk shake
• Potato chips
• Lemon Shake up
• Candy apples
• Corn Dog
• ICE Pops
• Electric Kettle Corn
• Funnel cake

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Follow us: @TabTale
Our view: http://www.youtube.com/Tabtale
You can refer to some of our games as: slitherio,     learn to fly ,    tank trouble 2,      . It will be very interesting for you there
Let us know what you think! The question? Suggest? Technical support? Contact us 24/7 at WeCare@TabTale.com.

* This application is completely free to play, but some items in the game can require payment. You can purchase limited in application by disabling them on your device.
* Bằng cách tải xuống ứng dụng này, bạn đồng ý chính sách bảo mật và điều khoản sử dụng của TabTale tại http://tabtale.com/privacy-policy/ và tại http://tabtale.com/terms-of-use/.
Hãy xem xét rằng các ứng dụng này có thể bao gồm các bên thứ ba dịch vụ cho các mục đích hợp pháp cho phép giới hạn.



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