Fair Food Maker Game – Make Fair Foods and Play Free Carnival Games


Fair -Food- Maker -Game-1

Choose from tons of flavor, sweet and candy decorations. You can make the coolest snow cone?Funniest corndog? Best sandwich ice cream cake? Make them all!

To Midway is full the fair game too! The property you will what? Win and collect the prizes great!

• Mystery games-that is a surprise!
• Hotdog eating contest
• Belted-what will the future hold?
• Sammy Smack
• Bottle toss
• Pop Balloons with darts
• Frog Flip
• Fish Bowl toss
• Water Gun fun with clowns

Equitable sharing your food and your prize with your friends. If you like our games, please write a review!

Fair -Food- Maker -Game-2
ABOUT Sunstorm
Sunstorm is the pioneer of the popular series “production” and “Sunnyville” of the game. Founded in 2009, Sunstorm deliver creative and exciting experience for kids and parents to enjoy together.Sunstorm is a branch of TabTale, a global leading creators, creative games, interactive books and education applications.
The biggest and best games fair food Maker chef! Makes 14 delicious food fair and fair in 6 games in one download!

* NEW * just added! Fried Ice Cream Maker-create your very own Fried ice cream! We put new food mystery is there for you too. You’ve made a Donut Ice Cream Sandwich? Yum!

Access to Midway to get started-it’s easy and fun. Check out your favorite tasty treats!

• Mystery Maker! That’s a surprise!
• Fried ice cream maker
• Super Soda machines
• Cotton candy
• Chocolate covered bananas
• Snow cones
• Milk shake
• Potato chips
• Lemon Shake up
• Candy apples
• Corn Dog
• ICE Pops
• Electric Kettle Corn
• Funnel cake

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My Dolphin Show 3


Similar to previous versions of this game, in the My Dolphin Show 3, there is a shop in the game where you can spend your money in the game in a variety of costumes for your dolphin. You can start the game with only two choices – a dolphin gray or pink dolphin. However, as you progress through the game, learn new tricks and impress small and large audiences, you can unlock new costumes for more than 20 dolphins that you can wear on your big night!

Play mode

My Dolphin Show 3 features two main game modes – a daylight mode and night mode. The daytime mode is where players will start playing games. In this mode, not only can you practice using the arrow keys to guide your little dolphin the way you want him to go, but you can also unlock some great tips for him to performers of the night most of the time its flagship program! There are many different tricks your dolphin can unlock in the daytime mode, including basketball, coaching kissing, and bowling. The more tricks you unlock in the daytime mode, who captivated audiences will increasingly be in night mode – means that you will earn a lot of money!

The main menu

The main menu in My Dolphin Show 3 provides a variety of options for players to choose from. You can choose to start the game immediately, or you can move through the options of music and sound effects to turn off or turn on all the sounds in the game. Additionally, players worldwide will enjoy the option to choose the language used by the game with a selection of over 20 different languages to choose from.


My Dolphin Show 3

  • a tiger costume
    a bee costume
    a nurse’s outfit
    a ballerina costume
    a hippo costume
    a mermaid outfit
    a penguin outfit
    a shark costume
    a turtle costume
    a pirate outfit
    a whale costume
    and many others!

Hack and cheats

Many players enjoy some good hacks and cheats in games like My Dolphin Show 3. So here are some cheats that we can share with you to help you improve your enjoyment!


Press 1 to immediately add 1,000 to 50,000 coins on your account
Press 2 to switch the size of your audience.

Play as a cute little dolphin knows new tricks in My Dolphin Show 3! Perform tricks in the program to earn fame, fortune, and a lifetime supply of delicious fish! Put your skills to the test and amaze audiences now!

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Earn To Die 6

The game offers a great number of achievements which are listed below:

Demolition Man: This achievement can be unlocked by destroying all the obstacles on your way.
Zombie Bowling: To unlock this achievement, you need to kill zombies by crushing them against the car abandoned.
Clearly day: If you can include a certain distance without crashing into zombies and obstacles, you will earn Achievements clear day.
All upgrades and achievements can be unlocked up to level 3, which is the maximum allowed upgrades and achievements. To make the game simple, you can use the below mentioned tips and tricks:

Zombies are everywhere should put as much money as you can to upgrade Defensive installed on your vehicle.
Remember, the roads are flooded with zombies and obstacles so focused on Offensive upgrade as well.
Do not forget; The only means of his survival is your car, to keep it in mint condition by installing the upgraded car.
No matter if you’re playing alone or with your friends, but one thing is sure that you will enjoy playing the game Earn to Die 6 completely.


The controls are simple and keyboard based. You can control the car by pressing the right or left arrow key, the key is to speed up, and Down Key is braking. In addition to control, you also need to be aware of some important things about this game:

Fuel condition: clock says the amount of fuel available in your car; You can get additional fuel by running on fuel icon.
Bus Status: The clock shows the health of your vehicle, which depletes collisions with obstacles and zombies. Health Cars can be increased by collecting the wrench icon.
Status way: situation gap indicates the distance to be covered in order to qualify for the next level.
Get the complete game coins per level and you can also collect extra game coins during your run. The amount awarded depends Coins many factors such as survival time, distance, zombie killing, etc. These coins can be used to purchase upgrades for your vehicle, and some of the upgrades mentioned down here.

Car Upgrade: You can upgrade by installing vehicle engine cooling upgrades, Fuel Tank, Suspension, etc. These upgrades make the car more stable and able to sustain losses.
Upgrade Defensive: You can also purchase upgrades like armor defense, durability, and wide wheels, increasing the health of your car and make it strong enough to survive the zombie attacks and accents.
Upgrade Attack: Some cool upgrade attack offered by the game is heavy Bumper, Bumper Spike, circular saws, etc. which cause more damage on the zombies and also help crush small obstacles.
>> Play Earn To Die 6 <<


Earn to Die 6 is an entertaining game from Search to Die Series, which is based on the Zombie Apocalypse. The game begins with a cut scene, where players are approached his car and saw hordes of zombies running towards him. The objective of the game is to survive as long as you can in a world full of zombies and the only hope of your existence is your car.

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Shopping Cart Hero 5

We will share to you the next version of Shopping Cart Hero, so you continue to explore and experience more difficulties in this game. The game gives players comfort, relieve stress after work, study hard. Yes the game takes patience, dexterity or adventure, dare confront, to overcome the obstacles.
What are you waiting for? Going Shopping Cart Hero 5 challenges and show your skills!
Shopping Cart Hero 5 game experience shopping cart to a whole new level. Place in a large Ski Resort, you are pushing your cart (equipped with ski attachments) to a large ski slope, jump in, then released in the air. Go as fast as you can; as high as you can; and perform stunts to get a high score.



The driver of the cart Hero 5 is the same as in the previous version, with a few additions:

Up arrow key or W – Jump
or the right arrow key D – Run
Left and right or A and D keys – cart control while in the air



Shopping Cart Hero 5 introduced a few new upgrades:

(Default / boot) Wooden Skis
Plastic Skis
Fiberglass skis
Metal skateboard
football helmets
Beanie Hat
Ski mask

You can still perform all the stunts that you like before, including:

Up-N-Out Flip
Forward flip
back flip
handstand Wheelie
Front Wheelie
back Wheelie
pole Vault

Settings / Options

This version has several new options available for players to adjust to their personal preferences.

switch music on / off
Convert audio on / off
switchable graphics quality: high / medium / low
optional full screen mode
Additional feature

Unlike in previous versions, in the Shopping Cart Hero 5, you can now share your score on FB to show off to all your friends.

Brand New Features

A new feature has been launched in the Shopping Cart Hero 5! Now you can race against other players online to earn more money for better upgrades. This feature must be unlocked by spending $ 1,500 in cash games – but the payments make it worth it!

First place receives $ 2,000 in play money.

Second place receives $ 1,000 in game money.

Third place receives $ 500 in money games, and so on.

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Duck Life Evolution

We will try to bring new games for you to explore and conquer, the challenge in the game not only you but also help you find relief after hours of stressful work or study, as well bored as there’s something to relieve all. Come to the game on our site.

Age Rating:

Duck Life 3 contains no profanity, nudity, or anything of the kind. As such, I would consider it a safe game for children to play. For concerned parents, I would recommend either learning and playing the game before exposing your children to it. That way, parents not only have a grip on the game itself, but can also help their children learn to play. In this way, parents and children can bond playing Duck Life 3.

Click Here to play Duck Life Evolution


Duck Life 3 is centeredon racing. Your duck can enter into a variety of competition types, emphasizing either swimming, running, or flying. All three race types are fun and enjoyable (though they may take some getting used to). When you first start the game, you have the option between a Strength (balanced) duck, Swimming duck, Flying Duck, or a Running Duck. This initial decision determines the specialization of your duck starting out. Differences between the starting ducks are diminished significantly through training, however. To explain, the game offers training activities that emphasize one of the main skills, and depending on how well the duck performs, you earn points towards leveling up your skills. This is where the choice and RPG elements come into play because it is ultimately up to you how you want your duck to perform.


(Running) Up: Jump

(Swimming) Up: Jump

(Swimming) Down: Dive

(Swimming) Left/Right: Move Around

(Flying) Left/Right: Navigate in Air


Tips and Tricks:

While playing Duck Life 3, I picked up on a number of strategies that were useful to playing and learning the game. I will take a moment to share some of them with you. First, always remember to feed your duck seed in between races and training. Why? Simply put, seed is what gives your duck energy and energy is critical if you want to be able to race more effectively and more often. By keeping seed constantly available to your duck, you can be available to race anytime. In addition, it is important to stay patient with your duck in early races. In early contests, your duck may seem a little outmanned. In these situations it is important to stay calm and assess the situation. If your duck stands no chance or gets annihilated, it may be a good idea to invest in additional training.

Duck Life Evolution is a game that builds off the legacy of its predecessors in a big way.  At its base, Duck Life 3 is a racing game with RPG elements thrown in.  While this may at first sound like an odd combination (especially when you consider that the racers are genetically modified ducks), but it is in actuality a very fun and exciting game.  The game revolves around entering your duck into swimming, flying or running competitions, and training her to perform better in all of them.  This model of playing and the choice it affords players is what makes the game very fun and enjoyable.

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Archlord II

According to new information received, hot online games are more interested gamers Vietnam is Archlord II is preparing to open closed beta coming on June 17/06. Interested players can sign up for an account and seek their fortunes at home: Happy Wheels


In Archlord II , gamers will choose one of two factions is Aimhigh (Represents Light) and Demolition (Representing the Darkness). Also all the characters will use all the weapons arbitrary, not divided into any public class – this means the player is discretion building development for the “pet” his liking, but not have to worry to the limitations of the character classes.

Most players attractions of Archlord II is perhaps the most popular display extreme PvP mode with many different financial comparison is 5vs5, 10vs10, 20vs20 and both the war.

Online Closers

Closers Online is a rare action game released only in Korea version appears on this list. Of course, the highlight of the game is the gameplay style design, graphics and creating character completely unique, vastly different from the current online games.
Online Closers
Closers Online creates a strong impression with gamers by fighting style horizontal screen action, allowing players to use continuous combo attack skill combinations, additions and special effects during fighting to create an impressive feeling.
Home: Strike force heroesOnline Closers1

Mechanically Closers Online for PC / Windows resemble arcade fighting games. There are four characters of different classes, who have a big set of standard strikes along with special skills. A teenager called Sesha is a so-called Striker – he wields a long sword, so his specialty is close combat together with skills concerning explosions. Yi Suiel-bi is a girl of a Caster class, her physical weakness and small damage resistance is made up by a huge set of distance supernatural attacks. Seo Yuri is another girl, who makes use of a small katana and a gun. The last character you can choose is an experienced warrior called J. Ze – the only adult in the group. Carrying no weapons, he concentrates on hand-to-hand combats and psychokinetic skills. The game offers a variety of levels intended for PvE that aim at resembling areas around Seoul. They are, however, modified so as to fit the designers’ vision of the future.Online Closers2