Online Closers

Closers Online is a rare action game released only in Korea version appears on this list. Of course, the highlight of the game is the gameplay style design, graphics and creating character completely unique, vastly different from the current online games.
Online Closers
Closers Online creates a strong impression with gamers by fighting style horizontal screen action, allowing players to use continuous combo attack skill combinations, additions and special effects during fighting to create an impressive feeling.
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Mechanically Closers Online for PC / Windows resemble arcade fighting games. There are four characters of different classes, who have a big set of standard strikes along with special skills. A teenager called Sesha is a so-called Striker – he wields a long sword, so his specialty is close combat together with skills concerning explosions. Yi Suiel-bi is a girl of a Caster class, her physical weakness and small damage resistance is made up by a huge set of distance supernatural attacks. Seo Yuri is another girl, who makes use of a small katana and a gun. The last character you can choose is an experienced warrior called J. Ze – the only adult in the group. Carrying no weapons, he concentrates on hand-to-hand combats and psychokinetic skills. The game offers a variety of levels intended for PvE that aim at resembling areas around Seoul. They are, however, modified so as to fit the designers’ vision of the future.Online Closers2


Effing Worms 2

If you are among the people who enjoyed the first edition of Effing Worms, I am sure you are waiting for its 2nd version, yes, Effing Worms 2. The first edition was issued a while ago. That’s why many people thirstily waiting for the 2nd edition of the favored shocking title. Have a look of this game at Strike Force Heroes 3effing-worms-2-s2

Before you play this edition, make sure to make yourself familiar with its first release. Because if you did not play the 1st version yet, you really missed a lot of things. Let’s discuss about its first version. In the first edition, you play a role of a big subterranean worm that has non ending hunger for diet. However, the worm looks to have checked the taste of human meat and other walking on land things. It sounds like a dangerous game Storm Ops Mature Content.xmas-2

Storm Ops Mature Content

One of most amazing and fun games is Storm Ops Mature Content. It’s available online for free and can be played online and even offline after you have downloaded it to your PC. This game is able to assist you pass amazing time. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you in this game that can bring much fun you and your friends.
Your task in Storm Ops Mature Content is to attack your enemies so you must use the weapons and guns properly without having any mistake so that killing the enemies would be easy for you.
It’s designed using the best graphics and amazing sounds to keep you pleased while playing it online Awesome Tanks.

Awesome Tanks

Get ready to join the destruction’s battle to enjoy the mayehm with the tank, with which you have to fight the way out of demolition. These are the best games ever to play online Fancy Pants 4. Your mission is to destroy all enemy tanks untill they are wiped out and keep yourself survive all the way whille playing these perfectly created games. You will be provided a vivid experience of battle consisting many tanks and the games Park This Boat let you get even better happiness because they give you several kinds of weapons and a lot of upgrades.596_1
These kinds of games have a lot of versions, each of them contains different gameplay experience and various functions. You will get much better experience with each of these versions. About 4 versions have been released and many others have to come, so keep visiting us to be updated.awesome-tanks-2

Fancy Pants 4

A popular, favorite and crazy-haired, baggy pants Fancy Pants 4 is back and get ready to see his action again. Spin, Jump, roll and slide your way to defeat this fast action packed game, which is designed and created especially for kids and adults alike. Try this 4th version now. The goal of the game is simple, collect the swirlies as many as possible throughout every stage and level of this game. Additionally, you will see some bonus rounds as well, so you will be able to collect extra collectible objects. You will get some advanced help to finish this
If you need to play this game properly you will need to learn its controls and read the instructions given on the websites providing the game Park This Boat. Move the pants in the right directions by using your right and left arrow keys.screen480x480

Park This Boat

The author Games India is excited to introduce this fun game Park This Boat where you are going to have a big deal. Parking an SUV in somewhere in the city is your mission. How will you park a big ole boat using your best parking skills in the marina? The answer should be provided by you using your abilities of parking. You will find many boats waiting for you to be chosen by you. Select one of them that suits you and your skills.park-this-boat-big
Just the arrow keys of your keyboard would be used to control this game Linebacker 2, these keys can be used to steer the boat. Although, the boat has been used in this game, but the developer suggest the Car Games category for it. It was created on 17th of April, 2009 and over 3,786,876 times has been played and enjoyed by thousands of people.park-my-boat-big

Linebacker 2

Fight against the hardest and toughest men at Strike Force Heroes . Beat all the famous in blocking and deal with the running back in Linebacker 2. You must hurry up to do it before he say touchdown! The version Linebacker 2 is the 2nd part of linebacker series. Your role in this game will be in defense. As a famous star, do not let your opponents’ team reach the touch down line.linebacker2-home
Keep in mind that your opponents will come fully prepared with the support of his team and they will try their best to reach the finish line, and you must prevent them to get the winning title. Avoid those blockers Monkey Go Happy 2, make sure to stop the running back, and do not let him reach the ending zone. The keys to control the game are similar to the first version.mzl.spygjdkn.320x480-75