Cosmic Warriors

  • If there is aMORT The Sniper II mysterious place, it is the outer space. This is an unfathomable place where humans are not been able to fully travel because of its infinite measurement and mystery. This is the reason why most of us are fascinated in outer space.atlantis-005-f
  • There are two another reasons why people are enjoying the topic of outer space environment. One is because of the curiosity it brings to many people. Second is the fact that it is amazingly wide and make people imagine its depth and width. Cosmic Warriors is a flash game that involves outer space adventure.league_of_legends_cosmic_warriors_by_aku_no_hana2-d7rwjex
  • If you want to know more, continue reading this content. The player will be at the outer space and must travel infinite distance.
    The mission is to eliminate UFO using your weapons while avoiding different asteroids. Make sure that you are precise in different aspects as well as accomplish all your missions. Cosmic Warriors is a great intergalactic game for certain space enthusiasts.hqdefault

Feudalism 3

  • Feudalism 3 is a sequel of the series of strategy games for teenagers. It offers a lot of action and fun! You can choose from a variety of characters and weapons. All characters have some great features and qualities. Some of them are officers, necromancers, paladins, wizards and so on.pbq3w4h1fz8of
  • Great graphics contribute to the dramatic atmosphere of the game. Sound effect are also amazing.Space Freight!! Throughout the game you will meet some very challenging obstacles, and you need to complete them in order to finish the level.pkeb7xn2etxlc
  • MORT The Sniper IIAt the beginning you choose a character you wish. Interesting thing is that you can customize them and make them the way you want.
  • Some of them are very powerful and skillful at using weapons. But some of them also use magic and poison. This makes them very good warriors since they can heal very fast using this magic. They can cause lightening and fire and destroy the enemy!Snail Bob 5feudalism3_lrg1

MORT The Sniper II

  • If you tried out the first version of this game, you already know how awesome it is. The fans of shooting will love this sequel. If you like killing, blood and violence games, MORT The Sniper II is there for you. It isn’t suited for younger kid because of the violence.1
  • 0 Rescue them all in Rescue PanicBut adults who are up for cleaning the society of the bag guys will enjoy it. In this game you are on a mission to kill captors and set the hostages free. You have to show your aiming and shooting skills. Aim with your mouse and click when you want to shoot.pc1cq285wo8rj
  • But be careful not to shoot hostages, but only captors.Help the turkey get its revenge in Turkey Got Guts You need to kill every one of them if you want to complete the level. Music following the game is very fast and energetic.pgnt0dbjuxhgc
  • The game isn’t so hard to play, you just have to aim very well. So do your best and save the poor hostages!Test your strategic thinking with Wheely

Snail Bob 5

  • Snail Bob 5 is a fifth sequel of fun and exciting games! If this is your first time playing Snail Bob 5, you will definitely become addicted to it! Objective of the game is to lead your snail to the exit overcoming some obstacles.1058_1
  • Hobo 5: The Hilarious man!!Music in the background is so sweet and lively and the graphics are cartoonish and very cute. Controls are simple and you will get used to them very quickly. It should be quite easy to play because there are some guidelines through the game telling you what to do next.5-1
  • Sometimes you will have to clock the obstacle to remove it before your snail comes close to it.Navigation fun in Gyroball Sometimes your snail will have to hide in his house. On your way you will also collect stars by clicking them. Drawbridges and trapdoors will be there to slow you down. So be careful, read the instructions and try to complete all 75 levels!phwfhnxtdn3df

Space Freight!!

  • A new popular flash game is here, the Space Freight where your steering skill will be judge. The plot is about steering skill and getting freight to a platform in space. Have patience and show your skill in this game. Good luck!!v48n1freight-shuttle-rendering-lg
  • At the beginning of the game you will stage which carries the theme of space. Fun Shopping in Shopaholic: HollywoodThere will be various platform and you need to pass through the platforms. The path won’t be easy because you can fall down any time. The more paths you can pass, the score you will get.unnamed (1)
  • Bowman 2 Returns With New Awesome FeaturesYou will be given option in the starting of the game to customize the stages map by yourself. You can give name to the stages as well. There will be scope of upgrading your power. By getting score multiplier you can increase the score. The graphics quality and sound system of the game is good enough!unnamed

Vehicles 2 Walkthrough

Having a hard time finishing a level in a game you are currently playing? Don’t be sad because in every problem, there is always a solution. Luckily, there are walkthroughs available online. Maybe you are wondering what are walkthroughs, these are tutorial page where one can get an idea about the levels in a particular game like Vehicles 2. This game has levels that are easy, tough and difficult to accomplish as the game progresses. If you are playing this game and currently having a hard time advancing with it, Vehicles 2 Walkthrough is your answer. The levels in Vehicles 2 are divided into four parts. The first ten levels are called Driving School because these are quite easy levels to accomplish.
The next ten levels are called municipality where the levels get quite tougher compared to the first ten. The third part is called Remove Dark where you have to deal with all the dark cars which means difficult vehicles to bump out of the screen. The last part is called Skill levels where you have to think, plan and move wisely to accomplish the levels. This walkthrough can be seen and reviewed for free online.


There are flash games intended for male players and there games for female players. This is a symbol that there is an equal appreciation of both genders. This article is about an example of a flash game that is suitable for girls or women who love shopping. As most of us know, girls really love shopping to the point that it almost become an obsession. It is understood that clothes, shoes and accessories are girls’ happiness. The name of the flash game is Shopaholic: Hollywood. This will surely be enjoyed by female players around the world. The objective of this game is very simple. You just have to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories that you will be using in the coming parties and events that you will be attending. There are lots of stores present in Hollywood that will surely make you glamorous and prepped up. If you love shopping, go and search this game online.