Feudalism 3

  • Feudalism 3 is a sequel of the series of strategy games for teenagers. It offers a lot of action and fun! You can choose from a variety of characters and weapons. All characters have some great features and qualities. Some of them are officers, necromancers, paladins, wizards and so on.pbq3w4h1fz8of
  • Great graphics contribute to the dramatic atmosphere of the game. Sound effect are also amazing.Space Freight!! Throughout the game you will meet some very challenging obstacles, and you need to complete them in order to finish the level.pkeb7xn2etxlc
  • MORT The Sniper IIAt the beginning you choose a character you wish. Interesting thing is that you can customize them and make them the way you want.
  • Some of them are very powerful and skillful at using weapons. But some of them also use magic and poison. This makes them very good warriors since they can heal very fast using this magic. They can cause lightening and fire and destroy the enemy!Snail Bob 5feudalism3_lrg1

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